Career goal scholarship essay examples

My name is Carson Hagood, and I am a 21-year-old nursing student from Lewisburg, Tennessee. I will be graduating from the University of North Alabama with my BSN in May of 2017 and hopefully go on to work in critical care before applying for a nurse anesthetist program in the next two or three years. I am so blessed and honored to receive this scholarship that will help me to reach my goal of becoming a nurse. Nurses are so important because they are the men and women who heal the body, mind, and spirit of their patients through hands of knowledge, love, and compassion. I am so excited to begin working in this career field, care for my future patients, and further the horizons of males in the profession. The future of nursing is bright, but I desire to make it shine even brighter!

Keita Wangari (2009–10) pursued her master’s in information sciences and currently works at Google as a user experience (UX) researcher. Nnenna Agba Nnenna Agba (2013–14) completed her masters of science degree in urban affairs. She is the face of Kechie’s Project, an NGO that provides scholarships to girls from Nigerian schools. Dana Kaplan Dana Kaplan (2011–12) returned to college to pursue a career in the automotive industry as a certified master technician with her grant. Esy Casey Esy Casey (2009–10) directed a documentary on Jeepneys in the Philippines.  

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Career goal scholarship essay examples

career goal scholarship essay examples


career goal scholarship essay examplescareer goal scholarship essay examplescareer goal scholarship essay examplescareer goal scholarship essay examples