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In Australia and the United Kingdom , a number of universities offer a three or four year Bachelor of Medical Science, Bachelor of Health Sciences or Biomedical Science degree, which is similar in content and aim to pre-med courses in the US. However, it is also possible to gain entry to a professional degree program in medicine (usually the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degree) directly from High School if the applicant achieves high grades upon graduation and is successful in the Undergraduate Medicine and Health Sciences Admission Test ( UMAT ), for Australian and New Zealand medicine courses, and the UK Clinical Aptitude Test ( UKCAT ) / BioMedical Admissions Test ( BMAT ) for British medicine courses.

Total tuition: $6,120*, based on:   $ 2,075   School Staff (this would be your second School for The Work) $ 1,695 Graduate Course $ 750 ITW eCourses $ 200 ITW Annual Membership Fee $ 1,000 Five Certified Facilitator Events (averaging $200 per event) (30 hrs.) $ 300 Staffing three Mental Cleanses (60 hrs.) $ 0 Staffing other events with Byron Katie (60 hrs.)
*This cost is based on doing 120 credit hours with Byron Katie and 30 with Certified Facilitators. This does not include airfares, accommodations, and meals, with the exception of the School for The Work. This is an illustration of how one person may complete their credits, and not the only way. All coursework requirements and fees subject to change. Previous telecourses continue to count towards your certification requirements, and you may need to participate in additional eCourses to complete this part of the coursework.

In most states, high school students must earn a set number of credits in language arts, math, social studies, science and elective courses in order to earn a diploma. While there is no national curriculum, 43 states have adopted the Common Core Standards, an extensive list of the skills and knowledge students should have at each grade level, K-12. Alternative diploma programs have also adopted those standards and aligned their requirements to the Common Core. Whether you want to enroll in an online diploma program or take an equivalency exam, the Common Core Standards are a basic outline of the types of knowledge and skills needed for a high school diploma.

Coursework required

coursework required


coursework requiredcoursework requiredcoursework requiredcoursework required