Education and leadership research papers

Drawing upon traditional strengths in social foundations, education leadership, higher education & human resource development, the department enables graduate students & faculty to support & collaborate with each other in coordinated new synergies to address the most critical issues in education. The department fosters an interdisciplinary understanding of education policy & practice across traditional divides among philosophers, historians, social scientists, organizational theorists, policy analysts & education administrators.

Because we know that learning happens everywhere—both inside and outside of formal school settings—the Department’s  21st Century Community Learning Centers  program is collaborating with NASA , the National Park Service , and the Institute of Museum and Library Services to bring high-quality STEM content and experiences to students from low-income, high-need schools. This initiative has made a commitment to Native-American students, providing about 350 young people at 11 sites across six states with out-of-school STEM courses focused on science and the environment.

Those interested in an educational management career will likely need to complete a master's or doctoral degree program. Some of these programs are intended specifically for public education teachers and administrators; however, completing a teacher education program is not a requirement for enrollment in some educational management programs. You can also find educational management programs that focus on preparation for careers in higher education. Master's degree programs might require completion of a thesis project and internship. Doctoral programs generally require a dissertation based on original research.

Education and leadership research papers

education and leadership research papers


education and leadership research paperseducation and leadership research paperseducation and leadership research paperseducation and leadership research papers