Essays on coersion

Kathy LaPan:

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  • " Postmodern Relativism vs. Ultimate Truth "

Unity: Anon: " The need for Jewish unity
  Violence, religiously inspired: Jon Brodkin: " While prayer is peaceful, violence is often in name of God " James Peter Jandu: " Jungle Justice and Lynch Mob Mentality. Causes and cures " Rabbi Allen S. Maller: " God's commandment against religious extremism " Vladimir Tomek: " Passages advocating violence and genocide in religious texts "
  Worldview : See Beliefs

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I received the 2011 ACS and declined to answer. I have now had a total of four visits from Census workers, the last one today who was a supervisor. On the first visit, the worker left her business card and a letter advising that the ACS was mandatory and to hold it for her so that she could FedEx it to the regional processing office. The second visit I WAS home (2-9-11), answered the door and advised her that we did not wish to participate and her immediate reply was “It’s required by law and you will be fined if you don’t answer”. I advised her to leave and not return. However, she DID return yesterday, 2-11-11. I again advised her that we would not participate and handed her the following:

Essays on coersion

essays on coersion


essays on coersionessays on coersionessays on coersionessays on coersion