Goebbels doctoral thesis

However there was a remarkable judicial sequel in the late 1950s, involving a case that was heard by a regional appeals court in the western German city of Hamm. The case files are stored at the national archive in nearby Münster. They have remained unnoticed until now, even though they highlight the "leniency and questionable argumentation with which the courts addressed Nazi crimes at the time," says chief prosecutor Maik Wogersien, who recently stumbled upon the documents, more or less by accident. Wogersien is conducting research on precisely this subject at the Legal Academy of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Goebbels' tactic of using provocation to bring attention to the NSDAP, along with violence at the public party meetings and demonstrations, led the Berlin police to ban the NSDAP from the city on 5 May 1927. [65] [66] Violent incidents continued, including young Nazis randomly attacking Jews in the streets. [63] Goebbels was subjected to a public speaking ban until the end of October. [67] During this period, he founded the newspaper Der Angriff ( The Attack ) as a propaganda vehicle for the Berlin area. It was a modern-style newspaper with an aggressive tone. [68] To Goebbels' disappointment, circulation was initially small, only 2,000. Material in the paper was highly anti-communist and antisemitic. [69] Among the paper's favourite targets was the Jewish Deputy Chief of the Berlin Police Bernhard Weiß . Goebbels gave him the derogatory nickname "Isidore" and subjected him to a relentless campaign of Jew-baiting in the hope of provoking a crackdown he could then exploit. [70] Goebbels continued to try to break into the literary world, with a revised version of his book Michael finally being published, and the unsuccessful production of two of his plays ( Der Wanderer and Die Saat ( The Seed )). The latter was his final attempt at playwriting. [71] During this period in Berlin he had relationships with many women, including his old flame Anka Stalherm, who was now married and had a small child. He was quick to fall in love, but easily tired of a relationship and moved on to someone new. He worried too about how a committed personal relationship might interfere with his career. [72]

Goebbels doctoral thesis

goebbels doctoral thesis


goebbels doctoral thesisgoebbels doctoral thesisgoebbels doctoral thesis