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The study explored workforce diversity in the ''under-studied'' Arabian Gulf. Specifically, it investigated what small enterprises are doing right with respect to workforce diversity and what they are not doing right. It also studied the relationship between motivation to diversify, level of education, gender and level of workforce diversification in small enterprises. The result indicated that the organisations are doing much more towards diversification and there is also a positive and significant relationship between education and the level of workforce diversification in the SME sector. Diversified firms are also reported as recording higher performance levels compared to non-diversified firms.

  graph/chart Create a graph or chart in Excel or on paper. Make sure that the graph or chart is complete with details, numbers, percents, etc. The graph or chart should be able to be read without additional explanation. See other charts or graphs in textbooks, newspapers, or magazines to use as examples. Add a paragraph explaining the data, if you need it. one act play A one act play introduces characters in a conflict that is resolved in one act. Before writing your own, read a one act play to give you an idea of how to proceed. The play must be written using the typical conventions of a play or drama. announcement We hear announcements each day in school. There are also announcements in church or before a meeting. Announcements alert people to important events that are coming up. Create an announcement that gives critical information about an upcoming event: who, what, when, where, why, and how. Top the announcement with an attention-getting label, such as "Attention all athletes," or "important information for all drivers." ransom note A ransom note is written from a kidnapper who demands money or something else of value before he will release his captive. Things like addictions or obsessions or fears can hold people hostage, too. It would be interesting to write from the point of view of such a kidnapper. Be careful that you play with ideas here and don't get carried away. Kidnapping is violent and illegal. song/ballad Write lyrics to a song or ballad (a song that tells a story). You should have several verses. Think of the main ideas you want the song to express. Remember that songs are to be sung, so think of that as you compose. If you're really adventurous, record your song and make your genre an audio file. Look at the structures of some of your favorite songs to use for examples. descriptive paragraph When we read a descriptive paragraph, its like we are there. The imagery allows us to see, smell, hear, taste, and feel our surroundings. eyewitness account When important events happen, someone is generally there to see it happen. An eyewitness is asked to give details about exactly what happened, when it happened and how it happened. The eyewitness would provide specific, concrete details like colors, sizes, distances, times, etc. that make the account as factual as possible. While not everyone sees an event in the exact same way, eyewitness accounts help us put the event into perspective. The account could be prompted by a reporter's or a police officer's questions. illustration An illustration is a drawing that illustrates a concept or an idea. It is often accompanied by labels or margin notes to explain aspects of the drawing. An illustration is often done in ink on white paper and is detailed. Think of how a scientist illustrates the process of cell reproduction or how a naturalist illustrates the stages maples trees go through during the four seasons. Photo gallery/album If you have several pictures, you can create a photo gallery or a photo album where you describe each picture. Back to multi-genre page

It is evident that magazines for young men do include stereotypical images of both men and women. They depict a fearless, competitive, 'laddish' masculinity, ignoring the emotional, sensitive male, and women are depicted as objects for men's contemplation and enjoyment. But it should be remembered that Stereotypes can be seen as an unavoidable part of mass media representation. Further these magazines are merely trying to entertain the reader, they are not seriously on a crusade to return to a pre-feminist ideal, or to harm anyone in an attempt to provide entertainment. Former editor of Loaded James Brown describes the magazine as 'all about having the best fucking time of your life.' [31] Further, the inclusion of sexist material and stereotypical images are enjoyable to the reader but are not likely to change their attitudes towards society. The readers have the power to reject such material and are able to make their own, individual meanings from the messages within men's magazines. Therefore, men's magazines can be seen merely as entertainment for, and an escape for, the heterosexual male.

Inclusion essay titles

inclusion essay titles


inclusion essay titlesinclusion essay titlesinclusion essay titlesinclusion essay titles