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I truly regret having to do this, however your cycles between good admin/rogue admin are at a point where they can no longer be ignored. I have no doubt whatsoever that your actions are almost always geared toward the greater good of the site, however your tactics are often deplorable and immature. During the last incident, you were told that this was your last "Last Chance", and that further rogue action would end with this outcome. Reviewing the log of your review and editing of the member pages, i am forced to judge that Last Chance violated.

The phrase has come under criticism in both American and British courts. [7] Judges have called it a "freakish fad," an "accuracy-destroying symbol," and "meaningless." [7] In a Wisconsin Supreme Court opinion from 1935, Justice Fowler referred to it as "that befuddling, nameless thing, that Janus-faced verbal monstrosity, neither word nor phrase, the child of a brain of someone too lazy or too dull to know what he did mean." [8] The Kentucky Supreme Court has said it was a "much-condemned conjunctive-disjunctive crutch of sloppy thinkers." [7] Finally, the Florida Supreme Court has held that use of "and/or" results in a nullity, stating

Also, a special issue of the interdisciplinary journal Janus Head focuses on Goethe's approach to science. Fourteen essays discuss Goethe's “delicate empiricism” from a variety of perspectives. This is the most thorough collection of papers on Goethe's way of science that has appeared in recent years. Nature Institute director Craig Holdrege was one of the volume's guest editors. The volume is available online at http:///8-1/ and the bound version may also be ordered through the website.

Janus essays

janus essays


janus essaysjanus essaysjanus essaysjanus essays