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The boxes move like there’s a tornado when in reality, the temperature’s really hot today. I get close to them and lean down, they move far away from me. This could only mean one thing, Jack’s playing a prank on me. But like the big lovely brother I am, I follow it. I follow the boxes until they make a stop and I look up to see my mischievous little brother laughing, victoriously at me. Ugh, brothers rivalry. I grabb him and start tickling his armpitts and stomach. He’s laugh and protests feels the empty silence that was in the room a minute ago. “Ahg, Alex stop!” My smile widened as I look up to see mom leaning on the white hall wall, smiling gracefully at me. She loves when I bring a smile to Jordan and make him forget his cancer thing for a moment. “Mom!” He yells. “You’ve should of seen Alex’s expression when he thought the boxes were actually moving.” How does he manages to talk so good when he’s been tickled?

This list is a waste of time. When Booker T. Washington was a
Republican, the Democratic Party was headed by racist Southerners and is
in no way a reflection of today’s party of inclusion. Besides, neither
party has the best interest of the citizens at heart because both need
corporate multimillions to bombard us with campaign promises (lies) by
the hundreds which Americans apathetically forget once the “I Voted”
sticker is peeled off. My father was a civil rights activist who ran as an Independent candidate
for mayor of Hartford, CT in 1966 and he had no choice but to become a
Democrat in order to “Play the game”. As a Democrat, he riled his senate peerd MANY times and his name was Wilber G. Smith. Do some
research. I have argued with relatives who believed President Obama is
“The Great Black Hope” when I said; In order for the country to move
forward, we must elect a Native American woman, who will like Obama,
have to play by the book and will have her detractors yelling “Liar”
from the hallowed halls of Congress as easily as they yelled for Bill
Clinton’s impeachment, but, a president for all people. Maybe the second
woman, or African American, or first Native American, Latino, or next
Caucasian will bring a freshness to the table the likes of which are not
possible with our current president. Obama has mounted a noble mission,
but the “powers that be” are nonyielding in their pursuit of world
financial domination. The rich used to just get richer and now the rich get way richer and the poor get way poorer.
Our 2-party political system is a farce and will be the ruination of our
country in time. Bloodshed begot freedom from English Tyranny just as
bloodshed removed Egypt’s President Morsi, alas, when the people rise
up, though there will be lives lost, true Democracy will have spoken.

Kahuna dissertation

kahuna dissertation


kahuna dissertationkahuna dissertation