Sample career progression essays

by Laura Edwards, ExecSearches Resume Reviewer
The purpose of a resume is to land an interview. Nothing more, nothing less. It need not exclaim to tell a potential employer why they must hire you this instant, but rather, get your foot in the door to tell that story yourself.

Resume formats vary in all shapes and sizes. The most common formats - outside of the academic resume - are chronological, functional and what I like to call the combination platter. Determining which one is right for you is as easy as deciding where you have been and where you wish to go next.

The programme lasts for twelve months and, yes, it’s tough. But you’ll be hungry for responsibility and confident in your capabilities. Much of your success is about earning the trust of your store team. In the early days, they’ll teach you the ins and outs of store life (including stacking shelves) – it’s the only way to understand the challenges they face. Once you’ve understood how the store works and start to manage the whole operation then, crucially, your team will be happy to take guidance from you. The programme moves fast. By week 14, you could hold the keys to at least one store. Eventually, you could be running your own £multi-million business.

Remember the road map analogy when penning your own career goals. You can plan a year ahead, or think even further into the future. The website Next Chapter New Life suggests setting goals with two- to three-year time lines. Perhaps you can make your yearly goals part of your longer-term plan. The following are examples of solid, actionable goal statements: "I want to generate 10 percent more revenue in my small business within the next six months by attracting more customers. I'll do it by producing an email newsletter, establishing a social media presence and running ads on the radio. The radio ads should cost me about $500. To reach my goal, I need to spend five extra hours per week for the next three months working on advertising pieces." If you're making a career change goal: "I want to move from a career in marketing to a job in sales within the next year. I'll attend networking events, meet with sales managers within the next month to ask about internal opportunities and spend four hours a week preparing resumes and applying to external positions."

Sample career progression essays

sample career progression essays


sample career progression essayssample career progression essayssample career progression essayssample career progression essays