Should all schools have uniforms essay

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March 14, 2016 > Interpretive Statement on Instructional Hours (PDF)

Recent anectdotal evidence gathered by the Korey Stringer Institute, however, suggest that those . high schools who choose not to hire a certified athletic trainer, or who lay off an AT, because of  budgetary constraints,  may be acting in a way that may be penny-wise but pound foolish. According to KSI's Executive Director, Douglas Casa, Ph,D, ATC, conversations with liability insurance carriers and medical providers suggests that insurance premiums are far higher for schools without ATs, and that, in one instance, the added insurance cost was more than the salary of the AT laid off.

I disagree with eliminating homework altogether. I feel that homework should be assigned on an “as necessary” basis, to serve as practice time for things previously taught and learned in class that students need to practice independently. This meaningful homework should be appropriately challenging, time-considerate, and clearly relevant to class concepts. Assigning homework for the sake of routine procedures, gradebook entries, or punishment is unfair to our kids and their families, and is a disservice on many levels to all involved in the long run.
I agree that homework should not be used to determine a student’s overall course grade. I feel that homework should be considered as a means of formative assessment. Homework should be graded and reviewed aloud with the class for the purpose of teacher and student feedback, but a student’s course grade should not be directly penalized for failure to complete homework, or incorrect answers on homework assignments. We are not using homework to evaluate a student’s mastery of what was taught, we should be using homework to evaluate student progress in learning and understanding what was taught so we can adapt our instruction accordingly.
The conspiracy theory mentioned in previous comments is intriguing, but I feel it may be a bit unwarranted. What hard evidence is there to substantiate this claim? Sometimes the belief in conspiracy theories such as this supports the already hard to break poverty cycle.

Should all schools have uniforms essay

should all schools have uniforms essay


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