Stalin essay introduction

In January 1905, government troops massacred protesters in Saint Petersburg . [83] Unrest soon spread across the Russian Empire in what came to be known as the Revolution of 1905 . [83] Georgia was one of the regions particularly affected. [84] In February, Stalin was in Baku when ethnic violence broke out between Armenians and Azeris ; at least 2,000 were killed. [85] Stalin publicly lambasted the "pogroms against Jews and Armenians" as being part of Tsar Nicholas II 's attempts to "buttress his despicable throne". [86] He formed a Bolshevik Battle Squad which he used to try and keep Baku's warring ethnic factions apart, also using the unrest to steal printing equipment. [86] Amid the growing violence throughout Georgia, Stalin formed further Battle Squads, with the Mensheviks doing the same. [87] Stalin's Squads disarmed local police and troops, [88] raided government arsenals, [89] and raised funds through protection rackets on large local businesses and mines. [90] They launched attacks on the government's Cossack troops and pro-Tsarist Black Hundreds , [91] co-ordinating some of their operations with the Menshevik militia. [92]

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Stalin essay introduction

stalin essay introduction


stalin essay introductionstalin essay introductionstalin essay introductionstalin essay introduction